About Lisa's GFCF Cookbook

Welcome to the GFCF cookbook website! These are special recipes for people who want to avoid gluten and milk products (or casein). Please be advised that some of the recipes may contain other allergens such as eggs, nuts or soy. In many cases, these can be substituted or even omitted.

Being a person who loves to cook and bake -- and, of course, eating has always been one of my favorite pastimes! -- I was distressed when, about 2 1/2 years ago, I began feeling sick all the time and losing weight rapidly. Aside from being scared, I also realized that one of the joys of my life -- namely, eating and enjoying food -- was suddenly gone. I envied the people around me who could eat; I just wanted to be normal again! When I finally went on the gluten free diet, not only did the weight start to come back on, but I also felt better than I ever had in my life. I must have been a celiac all along, without realizing it. Of course, I wasn´t able to make any comparisons until going on the diet; one can´t really know what “good” feels like until one experiences it. (It is estimated by some that approximately 90% of the celiacs in America are still undiagnosed).

In any case, I was thrilled that I could eat and enjoy food again! I would just have to eat differently, that was all. Luckily, you don't have to give up good taste and quality to eat gluten and dairy free. This cookbook is a work of progress as I try out, adapt, and discover new recipes. Although many of these recipes are quick and easy to prepare, these are not “convenience recipes”. I like to cook from scratch, using pure, unprocessed ingredients. Not only is this healthier and tastier, but pure, whole foods are also less likely to be contaminated by gluten or casein. My rule is, when it comes to cooking, always go for high quality!


Tori said...

Hi Lisa! Your recipes look AWESOME! I can't wait to try some! I just started my own blog, and I am certainly not a cook, so I am envious! :)

I've added you to my blogroll; I hope that's okay!

Tori (http://gfcfblog.blogspot.com)

Jen said...

I am new to being gluten free. I have been dairy free for a year,so cooking...which I love,has been challenging! Let alone super expensive! I have two boys and a husband who have not liked my Mew foods much,so wanting to give your recipes a go!
Jennifer Dubrow of NJ